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Mexico Cruise

Do you find yourself a bit strapped for cash yet in desperate need of a vacation? If so, then take time to examine the many cheap Mexico cruises and discount Mexico cruises. Any one of those cruises might help you to satisfy your desire for travel.

Does your company owe you vacation time yet refuse to provide you with a way to find relief from your job responsibilities? Do you find that you must plan a very short vacation? If so, then you might want to check out the 3 day Mexico cruises.

Still, a Mexico cruise vacation can appeal to far more than just those who are short on cash or short on time. For example, one might find a professor of history buying tickets for a Mexico cruise special. Moreover, such a professor could well be an authority on certain aspects of U.S. history.

The American Marines undertook at least one memorable excursion into Mexico. The events that preceded that invasion took place near the Mexico-California border, not far from shores typically touched by a cruise ship during a Baja Mexico cruise. The brief skirmishes along that border masked troubles further inside Mexico. Those troubles led to a call for more Marinesa call that helped to create the first words of the Marine hymn.

Of course the Marines did not enter the Halls of Montezuma by taking one of the cruises to Cancun Mexico. They did, however, see some of the same structures as those now viewed by individuals who embark on such cruises. On September 13, 1847 a group of Marines stormed the aging fortress of Chapultepec.

Now a travel agent can not promise a professor of U.S. history contact with significant historical points during a Carnival cruise Mexico or a Princess cruise Mexico. A professor of American history might feel less than satisfied after one of the cruises to Cozumel, Mexico. Still a student of American history might add to the information in the history textbooks by taking one of the Royal Caribbean Mexico Cruises.

The American Marines had several engagements in the Caribbean. As early as March 3, 1776 a sailor had a chance to find Marines headed toward an island in the Caribbean. On that day, 270 Marines landed on Providence Island in the Bahamas.

Why were those Marines there in the Bahamas? Had they hoped to have their names mentioned by tour guides from one or more of the Gulf of Mexico cruises? No, those Marines aspired to steal some powder that had been hidden in a British fort there on the Island. The Marines secured a small victory on that day. They captured the enemy stash of powder.

The above information shows that an interest in military history or an interest in American history could well motivate a person to explore the possibility of Mexico cruise travel. Such an exploration might well lead a person to purchase tickets for a cruise vacation. That ticket holder would then plan to board a cruise ship to Mexico.