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Bahamas cruise

Cheap cruises to the Bahamas can typically be booked at the last minute. This is because the cruise line will try to fill their vacancies within a couple days of departure. When this is the case, its pretty simple to get a great Bahamas cruise deal!

A Bahamas day cruise will offer those who want to experience cruise life a shortened version of a longer cruise. These cruises leave the ports of Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and take a four to six hour cruise to the Bahamas. Sometimes the ship will actually dock and give the travelers time to shop in close proximity to the dock and other times the ship will simply cruise one section of the coast and come back. The sailing experience alone is what is desired, the shopping is bonus!

The Bahamas in the Caribbean on Cruise Royal is a unique experience. With a taste of the local fare and shopping duty free, some people try to come back with even more than they can carry. These duty-free shops allow the purchase of alcohol and tobacco products at reduced, or tax free prices. This encourages those who partake of this type of substance to purchase in bulk. Getting it back into the port at the Florida dock is a whole different situation.

For those with a little more time, the 3-day Bahamas cruise might be more the ticket. These allow visitors the chance to disembark the ship and visit the islands unobstructed by time. Shopping in the duty free shops, seeing festivals and shows along with getting a truer taste of the local fare are all top reasons to take a three day cruise to the Bahamas.

Carnival cruise Bahamas offers an open bar (for a fee, of course) and lunch and dinner for those who are taking the one day cruise. For the others, cabins, and meals are included in the price of the fare, however, there are still additional charges for drinks.

A Bahamas party cruise is a week long party! Available on discovery cruise Bahamas, the seven day/six night event consists of (no children a party in itself) drinking and dancing, shows and nightlife. This cruise is for those who truly want to let their hair down and get crazy for a while, all in the safety of not having to drive home or have people that know you (possibly from work) see you acting like you have no sense. These are a blast for those who love the wild life!

A Bahamas cruise vacation can be booked on any Bahamas cruise line and as any Bahamas cruise package. An all inclusive Bahamas cruise will include everything but the drinks you consume on board and will offer the chance to include a 10% gratuity so that you dont have to be concerned with tipping your bartender, bag boy, etc. It is polite to make sure that you find out what the typical customs are concerning tipping and do so. Youll be much more welcome back on the ship as a customer if you are remembered for being courteous.